Leading By Example: How Theatre Can Think For Itself

By Ethan Taylor, Stagedoor Team.

As we all well know, regardless of which sides of the many fences you may sit on, 2016 was a year of great social, political and cultural upheaval. As a result the world of theatre has been galvanised, producing a myriad of works to reflect and open the debate on issues such as gender equality, racial discrimination, political elitism and the current refugee crisis.

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The Theatrical Spectrum: Privilege And Pressure

By Ethan Taylor, Stagedoor Team.

On their website, Old Sole Theatre Company refer to something they call the ‘theatrical spectrum’. This is something that most are aware of but still like to pretend does not exist; theatre’s overwhelming tendency to categorise and pigeonhole. This is a musical. This is a ‘straight’ play. This is mainstream. This is fringe. Looking to see a comedy? Will that be satirical, political, restoration, bedroom, surrealist, deadpan, farcical, physical or improvisational? There are frankly more genres in theatre than there are celebrity castings.

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