A Year in Review: A big “thank you” to you, the Stagedoor community

Michael Hadjijoseph, co-founder of Stagedoor

At the heart of Stagedoor has always been a community of people that have a real passion for theatre. In the last 12 months this community has grown enormously, surpassing 40,000 members.

Our mission is to bring more people closer to theatre. We believe that we can only achieve this by harnessing the passion of our community.

Looking back, the last 12 months have been the most transformational for our company since its inception and we have you to thank for it. Without your support, Stagedoor wouldn’t be what it is today.

In 2018 many of you participated in our crowdfunding campaign. This enabled us to build an amazing team, invest in the development of the app, spread the word and build strong partnerships with London’s leading theatres and festivals.

Stagedoor has evolved into a next generation theatre guide & booking platform – the first of its kind. It offers personalised (and social) recommendations, as well as a seamless booking experience complete with interactive seating maps and swift payment across more than 150 shows.

In 2018 we also launched our Android app and our web platform. These have made Stagedoor accessible to more people than ever before.

Lyn Gardner joining Stagedoor

Undoubtedly, the biggest milestone of 2018 was Lyn Gardner joining our team to lead our editorial efforts. We’ve always wanted to find someone to be the voice of Stagedoor, someone who shares the same values as us.
Lyn has always written about a wide range of theatre, seeking out the most exciting work in London – whether it’s happening on this city’s biggest stages or at one of London’s many fantastic Off West End theatres. Her ceaseless energy is the reason audiences voted her the UK’s most trusted critic in 2018 – and why she was the perfect choice to be the first editorial voice on Stagedoor.

Lyn Gardner was voted the UK’s most trusted critic by audiences in 2018.

Our mission

We have big ambitions for Stagedoor. We’re combining traditional editorial with next generation recommendations personalised to you, to build the guide-of-choice for anyone who loves theatre. At the same time, we’re building the most comprehensive booking platform in London, with new theatres choosing to sell tickets through Stagedoor all the time.

Our goal is to build a brand that’s synonymous with theatre; the place you go when you want to decide what to see and the best place to book your tickets. Also, a place to collect all your theatrical experiences so you never forget the wonderful nights you spend at the theatre.

Ultimately, we want to bring more people closer to theatre. With your support and passion we can make that happen.

With that in mind, we will shortly be announcing some very exciting news. Rest assured, you will be the first to know!
(Well, who doesn’t love some drama?)

Michael Hadjijoseph
Co-founder & CEO