Is it for you? Your curated guide to the remaining of The Camden Fringe Festival.

By Evi Triantafyllides, Head of Community and Social.

Scroll through the shows, browse, read, decide which are made for you, bookmark and ❤ them on Stagedoor, and possibly…attend?

WHAT: The Reincarnation of Trim Tab Jim

WHEN: 18–20 August, 9pm

WHERE: Camden People’s Theatre

THE SCOOP: A political / philosophical opera where an unnamed protagonist is brutally mugged and left dead in the street. While his fate is being ‘processed’, he meets the Angel of Death, who helps him reflect on his life. Can he persuade the Angel to allow him one more chance at life? And what will the price of re-admission be? “Lion-hearted… destined for greatness!” (Fringe Review)

WHAT: Teardrops and Tiaras

WHEN: 20 August, 5pm

WHERE: London Irish Centre

THE SCOOP: Imagine an evening of songs from all of your favourite divas. From Broadway belters such as Idina, to pop Princes, this is a show not to be missed. Prepare yourself for a night of sequins, big hair, belting notes, Broadway and ultimate… divaness!

WHAT: Improv Deathmatch

WHEN: 19–20 & 26–27 August, 10.15pm

WHERE: Aces & Eights

THE SCOOP: An adrenaline fueled improvised comedy show, where each night two teams go head to head in the ultimate battle to see who can make the audience laugh harder and be crowned the winner. Following a sold-out run at the Camden Fringe in 2015, which included recommendations by Time Out, the Evening Standard as well as Fringe Review, Improv Deathmatch returns for a bigger and better version!


WHEN: 17 August, 9.30pm

WHERE: Canal Cafe Theatre

THE SCOOP: A one-woman drag variety show about street harassment. Follow Syd as he (or is it a she?) cracks one-liners, does gorilla impersonations and raps about street harassment over classic karaoke backing tracks.

WHAT: Off the Cuff: Crime and Funishment

WHEN: 19–22 August, 8pm

WHERE: Camden Comedy Club

THE SCOOP: Brighton’s improvised comedy favourites present an impromptu detective drama comprising of colourful characters & a puzzling plot. This spontaneous take on the classic ‘whodunnit?’ sees a new episode created on stage every night by a group with a 10 year history of inventive, raucously funny shows.

WHAT: Swipe

WHEN: 18–21 August, 9pm & 20–21 August, 3pm

WHERE: The Hen and Chickens

THE SCOOP: In a world where online dating is everywhere…Swipe. Swipe is a play about being a woman in the modern world: that is technology, selfies, online dating, and the constant thought that someone better might be waiting after that next swipe.

WHAT: The Telemachy

WHEN: 16–21 August, 6.30pm

WHERE: Etcetera Theatre

THE SCOOP: The travelling poet swaggers to Camden with a case full of ancient stories from his journeys across the world. We know he’s on his way. We’re not sure where he’s coming from. He’s bringing a famous story about you, me, all of us. Who is the spokesman for our generation? Your enigmatic host delves into the mythologies of Odysseus, the original rock n roll absent father, through the eyes of his brooding son Telemachus. How can he compete with the legacy of his father when the world is so different now? What does it mean to become a man? Questions, questions…

WHAT: Sellotape Sisters

WHEN: 15–20 August, 7.30pm

WHERE: Tristan Bates Theatre

THE SCOOP: Funny. Fast. Farcical. Fantastic. Flagrant. Filthy. (Heart)felt. It’s 1966. Legendary soap opera ‘Sellotape Sisters’ (the pretensions of ‘Downton’, the production values of ‘Crossroads’) has been cancelled. With no ideas left for the last, live episode, the writers raid the actors’ private lives for storylines. In shock and denial, with the final broadcast looming and an expected twenty-two million tuned in viewers, will the cast stick to the script?

WHAT: Hidden Mother

WHEN: 16–17 August, 10.15pm

WHERE: Aces and Eights

THE SCOOP: A darkly funny drama about friendship, politics, madness, mothers and The Motherland. In her mind, Diana is a glamorous singer-raconteuse at The Former Persons’ Club, alongside Leon, her pianist. Only, that’s in her mind. In reality, the pair are patients in a British mental asylum heading for closure.

WHAT: Thlides

WHEN: 21–23 August, 6pm

WHERE: Lion and Unicorn

THE SCOOP: ‘Too many greeblies in the pool today. I just wanted some quiet y’know… and peace. Some good old quiet and peace. Not my lucky day though is it? Greeblies everywhere.’ Spawny John, an army veteran, sits in a small antechamber halfway down a Butlins water slide. His close (and inflatable) friend Duck sits comfortably about his waist as they address the pressing points of death, loneliness, and soup. Throughout the day, the duo face a bizarre series of fellow sliders: a cockney frog, a Norwegian lilo, and a dragon/sherpa duo all make appearances, providing both welcome and unwelcome interruptions to John’s discussions about the hard reality of civilian life.

WHAT: What’s Your Issue?

WHEN: 25–27 August, 7pm

WHERE: The Cockpit

THE SCOOP: A one hour dramatic comedy about our obsession with the ideal body as portrayed by the media. The play explores the relationship between our insecurities and how these are influenced from childhood. Throughout the play, the characters struggle with their body image.