If you can’t see the change and you also can’t be the change…

By Niki Campbell, Content manager @Stagedoor

I’ve heard that art is dead. Many times.

In fact I hear a lot of complaint and even despair about the state of theatre and the industry supporting it.

For creatives it’s the lack of opportunity, diversity, inspiration, time, money…for producers perhaps the lack of money, time, talent, creativity… for audience members too there is a desire for new stories, new faces and more affordable seats.

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But That’s Absurd — Theatre of Heaven & Hell

By Ethan Taylor, Content Team @Stagedoor

These days, with the exception of plays such as Waiting For Godot and perhaps the occasional Dario Fo piece, absurdist theatre in it’s purest form is sadly rarely performed in London’s theatres. However, it is exactly this apparent absence of absurdism in contemporary theatre, this gap in the market, that has drawn innovative young theatre company Theatre of Heaven & Hell to the form. When talking to founding member Elena Clements, she explains:

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