If you can’t see the change and you also can’t be the change…

By Niki Campbell, Content manager @Stagedoor

I’ve heard that art is dead. Many times.

In fact I hear a lot of complaint and even despair about the state of theatre and the industry supporting it.

For creatives it’s the lack of opportunity, diversity, inspiration, time, money…for producers perhaps the lack of money, time, talent, creativity… for audience members too there is a desire for new stories, new faces and more affordable seats.

Whichever angle you come from, for sure, there is a certain amount of frustration.

And frustration isn’t always bad! Frustration has written some incredible shows and birthed some game changing theatre companies. In fact the fringe of London’s theatre scene is bursting with energetic and productive individuals creating relentlessly.

Rehearsals for ‘Seven’ by Delta Collective @CamdenFringe

As an organisation we are proud to support that world by offering a platform, or rather a level playing field, for people to share their work shoulder to shoulder with the big guys. We have created a space where curious minds can meet with untold stories and unique performances.

However, it occurred to me that we could be doing more in the way of creating a dialogue with the makers. After all, if art is dying, we shouldn’t be lamenting we should be organising.

With a little research we found that many theatres already offer this dialogue. There are Q&As with actors and directors and producers, panel debates, workshops and spaces to have your voice heard, but until now no way of finding them all in one place.


Welcome to Stagedoor Talks & Debates — a curated list of platforms, panels and post show discussion.

There is so much to discover here! Whether you just want to know a little more about what’s behind the scenes or you want to take part in the conversation and have your voice heard, it’s all there for the taking.

Stagedoor Talks & Debates

If you can’t see the change and you also can’t be the change, perhaps the next option is to knock on the door of those who have the power and ask for it directly.

“They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself” — Andy Warhol

And for those less politically charged, it’s super interesting to sit and listen to actors and company members telling stories about the process and the makings of a show.

So enjoy.

You can find our Talks & Debates list in the ‘Explore’ @Stagedoor app. And please feel free to suggest events that are not already listed. We are open!

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