Listening to you — our top priority!

Building a great product and focusing on the things that matter (both for your users and your business) are probably one of the hardest things a company needs to do.

With new information coming in from all directions, new industry trends and constantly changing user behaviours, we can find ourselves tempted to build unnecessary features which in the end either clutter your product or no users use them.

Prototyping new ideas, testing them and failing fast is after all the start-up mantra. And that’s great when your team consists of ~5 engineers and you can afford that… In reality, however, for most early stage companies that’s barely the case. You can only afford to build what’s absolutely necessary and you have to build it well, which makes choosing the right thing to focus on one of the most important decisions.

One of the things we’re quite proud of is that we’ve been absolutely brutal when it comes to prioritising new features and user requests.

The one activity which keeps us sane with these decisions is being in constant communication with our users—via email, on Twitter, via FB messenger, through user research forms, and most importantly from face-to-face conversations. Things seem so much simpler when you listen to what your users have to say.

Earlier this year we accumulated all user insight from all the above channels, and we categorised them into:

  • What users currently love about Stagedoor
  • Biggest frustrations our users have
  • What’s going to bring the most value to them (new use cases)
  • Things people don’t really care about

*of course one always needs to align user needs with business needs as well as evaluate Effort VS Impact in order to properly prioritise.

Today, we are very proud to announce Stagedoor’s “Instant Book”.

After months in the making, “Instant Book” is here to change the way you book theatre shows, intuitively and hassle-free using Stagedoor app.

Easy as 1–2–3!

Building the booking functionality seemed like an obvious feature since day one, but we knew it wasn’t something easy to build.

We felt that by focusing on Discovery first, we could more easily validate the value proposition of the app before going into building the transactional side of Stagedoor. Looking at the preliminary research findings, the ability to book theatre shows through the Stagedoor app was ranked:

  • #1 in category “What’s going to bring most value to the users”
  • #4 in category “Biggest frustrations”
  • and surprisingly #5 in “What users currently love about Stagedoor” (before building “Instant Book” we just used to list Booking information like telephone and redirecting them to the venue website).
  • Of course it was nowhere in category “Things people don’t care about”

Big congratulations to the team for such great implementation. This is step #1 into turning a great product into a business!

We are certainly thrilled about this next phase of the company.

As always, we are all ears when it comes to feedback. If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to email me directly at [email protected]

On behalf of the team,


Co-founder & CEO