Theatre just got a lot easier!

by Evi Triantafyllides, Head of Community & Social.

What happens when you put together a bunch of tech geeks with a bunch of theatre professionals?

It won’t be long until they realise that the one is missing from the other and that it’s about time they came in conversation.

While other creative industries (see art, music) have come a long way in using the power of technology to become seamlessly accessible to everyone, the discovery process of theatre performances is still dispersed.

It relies heavily on word of mouth and websites with scattered information that only dedicated theatre lovers have recourse to.

As a result, we really felt that the theatre world required a transformation.

Before we knew it, we were on a quest to find a way to use today’s mobile world so that theatre can reach its audiences with ease. And so, we came up with Stagedoor, a mobile app.

Discovering London theatre performances in style.

Why Stagedoor?

Traditionally, stagedoor has been known as the door used by the actors and theatre workers when entering or leaving the theatre. Through the years, it has also come to be used as a verb, with people ‘stagedooring’ by going to the stagedoor of a theatre after a show to meet the actors.

With a touch of creativity and our vision of making the stagedoor available to the masses, we reimagined the word, making it imply a place or an experience where you have a hands-on, unrestricted access to the theatre world.

Stagedoor is a digital way of empowering users to literally have London’s theatre scene saved in their pocket.

With a database of over 200 listings, it covers the whole spectrum of available performances, ranging from big West End shows to smaller fringe plays.

Each performance is described in detail, ranging from the summary of the play, to who the writer, director and cast members are, as well as information on dates, times, prices, and bookings.

Our aim is to create a seamless platform on which theatre lovers can access the entire theatre landscape.

People who sign up can filter their theatre preferences based on the genres they like, enabling them to learn about new performances that are tailored to their personal tastes. In turn, recommendations are sorted around the genres chosen, as well as their friends’ suggestions.

Further, Stagedoor allows users to follow directors, writers, actors, music composers, lyricists, venues and theatre companies inside the app. By doing so, they get notifications on upcoming performances so that they #nevermissout.

Users can rate performances they’ve been to and save performances they wish to go to in a smart ‘wish list’, which will later remind them when a show is about to close.

It is our goal to create transparency across London’s theatre scene.

By providing detailed information on the whole spectrum of theatre options, as well as basing our primary filtering mechanism on each user’s stylistic preferences, it is our goal to create transparency across London’s theatre scene, and give the same amount of exposure to all types of performances and all the people involved (be it very small fringe theatre venues, or actors who are just starting their career).

By allowing users to follow and get more recommendations from venues or theatre professionals they like, we wish to strengthen and promote ongoing relationships, giving theatre players who often get overlooked prospects to build awareness around their future work.

We strive to become the go-to app for London theatre lovers. Ambitious? We hope so!

Theatre for everyone!

Nowadays, the option of regularly going to the theatre is (unfortunately, and very wrongly) considered an elitist activity, while there is only a very limited number of performances that are known to everyone, and they are either known because of the size of their production, or because of television and movie actors that play in them.

In effect, this makes many people dismiss the theatre altogether, by associating it with those couple of plays they’ve heard of or those couple of performances they’ve attended and decided it ‘just wasn’t for them’.

“If you don’t like to read, you haven’t found the right book.” — J.K. Rowling

In the same way, if you don’t love the theatre, you just haven’t found the right performance for you.

From the most pleasant and flamboyant musicals, to the darkest and most tragic of plays, from the classic stories of Sophocles, Chekhov, Shakespeare and Wilde, to experimental performances and new writing; among all these millions of stories that theatre brings to life, there’s bound to be a story for every taste, every need, every desire, and, simply put, for every one of us.

Stagedoor has a database of over 200 performances.

And among all these, it’s our hope that Stagedoor will help everyone find where their interest in theatre lies.

So, what are you waiting for? Try it out, explore, and ENJOY — it’s free!

And don’t forget: “All the world’s a stage”, so make good use of it.

Download it FREE for iOS:

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