VAULT 2019: The Most Anticipated Shows of the Festival (according to you)

With VAULT Festival kicking off this week, we thought we’d crunch the numbers to find out which shows Stagedoor users are more excited to see…

10. Bring Them Home – An Immersive Game Experience

Runs from 20 February until 3 March

At no.10 is this frenetic immersive game. Each audience member will receive an email with their role before the show begins – telling them what role they’ll be playing in the international space agency as the future of the world hangs in the balance…

You’d best be ready – bring them home!

9. King’s Of Idle Land

Runs from 6 February until 10 February 

It was an argument between two teenagers, living just streets apart, which sparked the darkest days in Oldham’s history.

Michael and Hammad are not those teenagers.

It’s April 2001, and racial tensions are palpable. Surrounded by a confetti of Carlsberg cans, two young friends are involuntarily falling in love.

Social pressures and curiosity collide in this comedy drama by Conor Hunt. A story about race, love and riots.

8. Fatty Fat Fat

Runs from 30 January until 3 February

Katie is fat. She’s pretty much always been fat, and probably will be fat forever more. Join her in the ‘Cha Cha Slide’, munch on some crisps, and have a listen to what it’s like to live in body that people can’t help but have an opinion on.

FATTY FAT FAT is a funny, frank and provocative solo show about living in a body the world tells you to hate. Leave your diet books at the door.

7. Ladykiller

Runs from 27 February until 3 March 

A hotel room, a maid and a dead woman.

Ladykiller is a blood-soaked morality tale about victimhood, power and flipping the gender rule book on psychopathy. Ladykiller charts one woman’s journey from violent oppression to bloody revolution.

6. Sketch You Up

Runs on 7 February

A brand new comedy sketch show that will throw you into a world of pushy mums with grand ambitions and call centre operators with painful secrets…

5. Inside Voices

Runs from 23 January until 27 January

Presented by an all-female, all-Asian team, this production is a comedic and contemplative commentary on free will, feminism and faith. It shines a spotlight on Southeast Asian Muslim women, and interrogates larger global conversations about Islamophobia and the #MeToo movement.

Inside Voices has been read at Soho Theatre and later at Arcola Theatre, as part of the Global Female Voices platform by Global Voices Theatre. It was selected as the top play audiences most wanted to see developed in full

4. Jammie Dodger

Runs from 13 February until 14 February 

A fast-paced, violent and darkly comic farce featuring betrayals, pyramid schemes and lots and lots of jam. 

What more could you want?

3. It’s Not A Sprint

Runs from 27 February until 3 March

Maddy is celebrating her 30th birthday by running a marathon – tied to a balloon. But this is more that just a race. It’s a battle. As a woman she is worn down. As a marathon runner, unprepared. By the finish line she needs to have made a decision. Yes or no.

Following a highly successful run at Edinburgh Fringe, and with writer and performer Grace Chapman running on stage throughout, this is a celebration of our ability to just keep on going. An uproarious, 26.2 mile, one woman tour de force.

2. Digging Deep

Runs from 20 February until 24 February 

Killing yourself. Fundraising your funeral. Harder than it looks, mate. 

With suicide rates among young working class men at the highest levels for decades, Digging Deep explores why so few young men feel that they can ask for help… even from those closest to them.

1. Narcissist In The Mirror

Runs from 27 February until 3 March

The most anticipated VAULT show, according to our users, is none other than Narcissist in the Mirror.

Winner of Best New Play at the Manchester Theatre Awards, this is a dark comedy about life, ambition and millennial expectation. Laced with acerbic wit, punchy dialogue and intricate spoken word; Narcissist In The Mirror is an honest account of self exploration, as rip roaring as it is poignant and heartfelt.

Honourable mentions:
Thomas by Snapper Theatre explores the experience of living with the still often misunderstood condition, Aspergers – and the challenges it poses to everyday milestones. 

Velvet by work.Theatre, a play set amongst the 2017 #MeToo movement that examines the complex realities of harassment in showbiz. Presented with an impossible decision, will Tom’s chance to make a successful career slip through his fingers..?